The Co-Parents

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Our Kid

Julian Michael was born November 8, 2011, after a 24 hour induced labor, weighing 7.4lbs and 19” in length.  After 14 hours of back to back contractions, I took the drugs and enjoyed ten more hours of painless bliss before push time.

I recall asking the (world’s greatest) nurse how long the pushing process would take.  She responded, “It can take anywhere from ten minutes to two or three hours, it just depends on the person.”  I told her, “I am not going to be here for no three hours.”

Fifteen minutes later, Ju popped (literally) into the world, sunny-side up.

He is now a happy, sociable, goofy, talkative and almost-too-mobile toddler.  He has been a fun addition to our not-so-traditional family and we have enjoyed every minute of his presence.

Well, I mean, almost every minute.